Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pretty in Pink

This morning I'm thinking pink.  I used to say it was my favorite color, but now I haven't totally confined myself to just one color. Jacoby is the reason for that, as for when he was around 2 years old he used to ask me every day what my favorite color today is? I thought to myself, how wonderful to choose a new color everyday! So, now I choose my favorite color on a day-to-day basis! Here are some delightful little pink things that I have found on  Cassandras Corner's Pinterest(of course!) that I love!
cute hair colour
I am Dying Over this Hair Color!
What the hell would I do with my eybrows
Love this pink! *ballerina pink* ESSIE
Perfectly Pink Polish!

Pouty Pink Lips is a Do!!
so sweet.
Lovely for My Coffee

Simply Gorgeous!

Very Sweet!
gorgeous pink. 
Fantasy Hair!

Must Have Victoria's Secret Pink Workout Gear!
coral wedges
Wish List!

Beautiful country porch
Pink Country Porch
Pink...Pink...Pink Pink...Pink...Pink Pink...Pink...Pink

Pink Accent for a Bedroom

yes please.
Yes, Please!


  1. I love all your choices!!
    Btw, I finally got around the writing a post about the Sunshine award! Just thought I'd let your know!

  2. I was never a pink person. Until I had 2 girls...and now, I completely understand the allure of the pink! When done right of course ;)

    1. Yes, I can imagine that having 2 girls would change that a little bit :)

  3. ah im just so happy to see pink!! I LOVE IT, and having a girl made it perfect.

  4. I adore the jacket with the bow on the back! The light pink nail polish is also gorgeous. Great finds! I love pink!

  5. Pink is my Favorite color! I love all these pink things :)
    your newest follower

  6. I love pink and you are making me want to wear it or decorate with it somehow! That jacket is so cute!!

  7. Hey, thanks so much for checking out my blog!
    I love pink as well, and even though that's so stereotypically "girly" of me, I don't care. Plus, that pink nail polish is to die for. I'll take that, thank you very much. :)


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