Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Organizing Kids Health

Last week, I was approached by Baby Zoe to take a look at their free app that helps manage kids health and development.  FREE APP and KIDS HEALTH??  I'M IN!  First of all, I'm going to say right off the bat, that I love this app. I went to the Baby Zoe website to first see what it was all about. The app is basically used as a tool for you to manage your kid(s) activities (eating, sleeping, playing, growth progress, medicine intake, etc) It also allows you to enter emergency contact info and the data can  easily be shared with family member, babysitters, doctors, etc.
  So, I downloaded Baby Zoe  to my iPod as of right now it is only available on iTunes. I have a Android for my phone, but have been told that a Android and web version of the app is soon going to be available!!
Well, I'm totally impressed with this app! First of all when I first brought Jacoby home from the hospital I had a piece of paper sitting on the coffee table with all times he peed, pooped, ate, etc.  I was a nervous new mom with even a more nervous husband who wanted to make sure that Jacoby was getting enough to eat from me and was acting like a "normal baby" should.  How great would it have been to just put all this info under Jacoby's profile in the app (you can have all your kids have their own profile along with pictures!)  Plus when my second, son Drew came along, I remember thinking, wow, did Jacoby have gas issues around this time too? Is Drew having around the same about of bowel movements as Jacoby?  All of this information could have been used as a reference for me to look at between kids.
It's also nice to keep things tracked on which kid has had what. As much as I like to consider myself a supermom and can remember each individuals child sickness or development, I just can't. I had started keeping track of all of Jacoby's illnesses in his baby book, but then the baby book got put up in his closet and  things hardly ever get updated.  It's one of those things, out of sight, out  of mind. Poor Drew doesn't even have a baby book! I do feel as though keeping a record of health, growth and development is important. You are your child's advocate and you just never know what type of information could prove to be useful and lets face it, doctor's offices can't be 100% relied on. I love the convenience of the access of he app to have on my iPod  (and hopefully phone soon) as those are the things that I use on a daily basis!
Another reason I especially like Baby Zoe is the sharing of information. On this app you can track your kids medicine intake.  My kids have had to be on antibiotics, so how great is it that I can log in their dosage info and the last time they took their medicine. I can then share that info with my husband or babysitter so they know how to proceed with future dosages.
There are other fun features on the app that allows you to enter in milestones, pictures, track growth reports, etc.
Did I mention that is also super easy to use?? It is, and so many of the steps are all ready filled in for you so entering in information is fast, because lets face it, I don't have time to be wasting on figuring out the ins-and outs of where to enter in info when I have a two toddlers that need my attention.  I have set up the app now for my own kids. I feel more organized in regards to their health and that makes life a little bit easier for me. Isn't that what we all want??
So give Baby Zoe  a try and let me know what you think!!

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  1. Sounds like a nice app! Wish I'd had something like that when my daughter was born, she's 6 now, so I guess some of it would still be useful.


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