Friday, December 14, 2012

Secret Subject Swap Take 2

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. 15 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else

and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously

divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is “I want to tell you about the least amazing thing in my life." It was submitted by:

 Here it goes:
So this subject was easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy for me!! The least amazing thing in my life is my car!! put it lightly it is junk. I have a 2006 Chevy Aveo. The car should have come with a disclosure that reads as follows:
 I apologize to the owner for being so uncomfortable! (I have learned that the excitement of getting a new car often hides the most obvious issues such as the seats being ridiculously hard). Your butt and back will start to hurt after atleast 2 hours of steady driving.
I will start to break down once I hit 80k miles at least every couple of months, especially if that month happens to have a 5 week pay period.
If it is very cold out, say 40 degrees or below I have a hard time shifting gears. The dealership will say that this is a gas saving mechanism, it is really a because I am a junk car, poorly made.
Forget about every trying to drive me in the snow without snow tires. You will literally get stuck in a 1/2 inch of snow and a stranger will have to push you out of parking spaces.
I am a target to getting into car accidents, even if you are not in it. I don't know if it's because of my size and bigger trucks can't see me, but I will get hit often! I may even hit a man in a wheel chair, but that doesn't apply to all owners.
I will have faulty wiring that will cost more to  repair, more than I am worth, but you will have no choice to fix it, because I will trick you by slowly having things go one at a time.
I am really too small to carry around 2 kids and a husband who is 6'1". This is not a family car, but I am good at tricking new owners that I am a great car due to high gas prices.
In order to close the trunk you have to slam it down at least 5 times before it will actually hitch. This actually amuses me to watch the owners do this. It is a game I play.
Your airbag light will always be on on the passenger side. Even though you will get it checked many times, and your mechanic will think he fixes it. It won't, because of the crazy wiring inside me.
You may also have to slam your glove compartment box really hard to get your heat to work. This is also a game that I play, and amuses me.
So enjoy your new Chevy Aveo. Drive me around. I am good at fitting into small places, you have to admit, that is a good thing :)

If only I had known...things would be different...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Five Christmas Wishes

I had a message on Cassandra's Corner FB page, that said, "Tag, Your It." Ohhh, really...I thought to myself...this could mean one of two things, I am the one who has been nominated to change a dirty diaper, but thought better of that because as far as I know there hasn't been any creation of virtual diaper changing and my own kids were all set. So, this led, me to the next conclusion was that I was "it" and I needed to go off and running with a particular blogger duty. I got tagged by the wonderful Karen from Baking in a Tornado with a holiday challenge to name Five Christmas Wishes and then tag 5 other bloggers to participate! So, Karen, thank you of thinking of me! Challenge accepted!

Lets start off with one of my favorite Christmas songs to set the mood! (just as a side note this song always brings tears to my eyes, I have no idea why!)

1.) Christmas Spirit: Have you ever had one of those years, where it just doesn't "feel" like Christmas? Well, I am hoping it does this year! I'm wishing for snow on Christmas Eve, for Christmas music blaring, for twinkling lights to be surrounded by my family, and for my boys to be excited for Santa to come. I am wishing to have a moment where I can sit back and say to myself, this is it, this is Christmas!!
2). Appreciation: I wish for my kids to appreciate everything that they receive. I know it is mine and my husband's job to teach them this and even though they are only 4 and 2 I still want them to know that other kids are not as fortunate as they are.
3). New Beginnings: In my family right now there are going to be a new beginnings for my mom and my sister. My mom has had a major change this year, when her boyfriend of 11 years had a pretty bad stroke over the summer and my sister has recently sold her house and is looking for a new home and a new career. I wish for them both to realize that starting over doesn't always have to be negative and even though these times may not be ideal, there is something fresh about a new beginning, and they are both only going to be stronger, and better prepared for what the future has in hold for them.
4). Love: I wish that my husband and my kids truly understand how much I love them. I know that things can get caught up in day to day craziness of parenthood, my full time job as well as new business ventures and that my husband often gets put on the back burner, but I love him with all my heart every second of the day. As for my kids, they probably get sick of how many times I kiss their little cheeks, but I just can't help myself. I wish for them to know that they will always be loved by me no matter what.
5.) Tablet: I have to wish for something for myself right?! I wish for a Kindle Fire or an iPad. So, if Santa leaves one under the tree this year, let me tell you, this girl would be one happy, happy chick :)

So, I am now tagging the following bloggers to take on this Holiday Challenge and share their 5 wishes.
 For all of you, I wish you love, health and happiness and a very merry Christmas!

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