Friday, December 14, 2012

Secret Subject Swap Take 2

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. 15 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else

and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously

divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

Here are links to all the sites now featuring Secret Subject Swap posts. Sit back, grab a cup, and

check them all out. See you there:

My subject is “I want to tell you about the least amazing thing in my life." It was submitted by:

 Here it goes:
So this subject was easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy for me!! The least amazing thing in my life is my car!! put it lightly it is junk. I have a 2006 Chevy Aveo. The car should have come with a disclosure that reads as follows:
 I apologize to the owner for being so uncomfortable! (I have learned that the excitement of getting a new car often hides the most obvious issues such as the seats being ridiculously hard). Your butt and back will start to hurt after atleast 2 hours of steady driving.
I will start to break down once I hit 80k miles at least every couple of months, especially if that month happens to have a 5 week pay period.
If it is very cold out, say 40 degrees or below I have a hard time shifting gears. The dealership will say that this is a gas saving mechanism, it is really a because I am a junk car, poorly made.
Forget about every trying to drive me in the snow without snow tires. You will literally get stuck in a 1/2 inch of snow and a stranger will have to push you out of parking spaces.
I am a target to getting into car accidents, even if you are not in it. I don't know if it's because of my size and bigger trucks can't see me, but I will get hit often! I may even hit a man in a wheel chair, but that doesn't apply to all owners.
I will have faulty wiring that will cost more to  repair, more than I am worth, but you will have no choice to fix it, because I will trick you by slowly having things go one at a time.
I am really too small to carry around 2 kids and a husband who is 6'1". This is not a family car, but I am good at tricking new owners that I am a great car due to high gas prices.
In order to close the trunk you have to slam it down at least 5 times before it will actually hitch. This actually amuses me to watch the owners do this. It is a game I play.
Your airbag light will always be on on the passenger side. Even though you will get it checked many times, and your mechanic will think he fixes it. It won't, because of the crazy wiring inside me.
You may also have to slam your glove compartment box really hard to get your heat to work. This is also a game that I play, and amuses me.
So enjoy your new Chevy Aveo. Drive me around. I am good at fitting into small places, you have to admit, that is a good thing :)

If only I had known...things would be different...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Five Christmas Wishes

I had a message on Cassandra's Corner FB page, that said, "Tag, Your It." Ohhh, really...I thought to myself...this could mean one of two things, I am the one who has been nominated to change a dirty diaper, but thought better of that because as far as I know there hasn't been any creation of virtual diaper changing and my own kids were all set. So, this led, me to the next conclusion was that I was "it" and I needed to go off and running with a particular blogger duty. I got tagged by the wonderful Karen from Baking in a Tornado with a holiday challenge to name Five Christmas Wishes and then tag 5 other bloggers to participate! So, Karen, thank you of thinking of me! Challenge accepted!

Lets start off with one of my favorite Christmas songs to set the mood! (just as a side note this song always brings tears to my eyes, I have no idea why!)

1.) Christmas Spirit: Have you ever had one of those years, where it just doesn't "feel" like Christmas? Well, I am hoping it does this year! I'm wishing for snow on Christmas Eve, for Christmas music blaring, for twinkling lights to be surrounded by my family, and for my boys to be excited for Santa to come. I am wishing to have a moment where I can sit back and say to myself, this is it, this is Christmas!!
2). Appreciation: I wish for my kids to appreciate everything that they receive. I know it is mine and my husband's job to teach them this and even though they are only 4 and 2 I still want them to know that other kids are not as fortunate as they are.
3). New Beginnings: In my family right now there are going to be a new beginnings for my mom and my sister. My mom has had a major change this year, when her boyfriend of 11 years had a pretty bad stroke over the summer and my sister has recently sold her house and is looking for a new home and a new career. I wish for them both to realize that starting over doesn't always have to be negative and even though these times may not be ideal, there is something fresh about a new beginning, and they are both only going to be stronger, and better prepared for what the future has in hold for them.
4). Love: I wish that my husband and my kids truly understand how much I love them. I know that things can get caught up in day to day craziness of parenthood, my full time job as well as new business ventures and that my husband often gets put on the back burner, but I love him with all my heart every second of the day. As for my kids, they probably get sick of how many times I kiss their little cheeks, but I just can't help myself. I wish for them to know that they will always be loved by me no matter what.
5.) Tablet: I have to wish for something for myself right?! I wish for a Kindle Fire or an iPad. So, if Santa leaves one under the tree this year, let me tell you, this girl would be one happy, happy chick :)

So, I am now tagging the following bloggers to take on this Holiday Challenge and share their 5 wishes.
 For all of you, I wish you love, health and happiness and a very merry Christmas!

Jenn's Blogspot My Daily Jenn-ism
All For My Boy
Inspiration For Moms
A Happy Girl

Thursday, November 29, 2012

30 Day Push-A Free Accountability Group

I am looking for 10 people. 10 people who want to change their life, day by day, little by little. There is no cost...just friendships, accountability, absolutely NO JUDGING, and simple daily tasks anyone can do. I will host this group for 30 days, starting December 1st. We will work to be a happier and healthier of us. At the end of the thirty days, if you really participate, it will have lit a fire in you, the fire to believe in yourself like you never have, and that is all you need! Comment below, or message me if you want to be a part of this! I can't wait...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why Wait Until January 1st?

Many people tend to wait until January 1st to focus on their Health and Fitness goals, are you one of them??  I know I have promoted fitness challenges before, and I am going to continue to do so, because I understand first hand what it is like to think about getting fit, wanting to, but finding every excuse not to.Then one day, an opportunity arises and something just clicks within your self and you think, okay I have had enough of being miserable, tired, clothes fitting too tight, I am ready to make a change. So, I say that there is no time like “NOW” to take control of your goals. That is why I am hosting a challenge that will get you ready for New Years Eve! 

The LIttle Black Dress/Slim Black Suit Fitness Challenge starting on November 26th! This way you will fit into that perfect ensemble for the New Years Eve festivities and start the New Year already one step ahead of the rest.
The challenge is simple, commit to 30 days of working out, eating healthy/drinking Shakeology, and staying accountable and motivated. In order to get started, simply check out the Beachbody Challenge Packs (see below). You will receive a Beachbody Fitness Program, like P90X or Insanity or TurboFire, plus a Home Direct order of Shakeology, plus 30 days of the Team Beachbody Club Membership, which includes a meal planner to help you stay on track. On top of that, you will get amazing support from our group to help keep you committed and motivated. In order to truly reach your fitness goals it will require proper fitness & nutrition, plus support and accountability. This challenge has it all!  Are you in?? I only have space for 10 people for this challenge, so if you are interested contact me ASAP! Feel free to comment below or send me an email to or send me a message on facebook at Cassandra's Corner Let's say Cheers to Your Health in the New Year!

***If you already have a program that you want to use, but do not have Shakeology, simply purchase Shakeology Home Direct and then email me that you want to be in the challenge. If you are already on Shakeolgy on Home Direct, simply purchase your program and then email me that you want to be in the challenge.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Out Comes A Sneeze, Out Comes A Baby

"Aaaachoo!" That is about the extent of the effort that I had in delivering Drew just two years ago, November 9, 2010. The ease I had in delivery has been joked that I sneezed in the hospital room and out came Drew. I swear, it really seemed that easy..for the most part anyways.
About 2-3 weeks prior to Drew's due date I was having my weekly check ups and the doctor was concerned that Drew wasn't growing anymore. So, at 39 weeks, my OB/GYN said you know, what the heck, you have a two year old at home, we have concerns that Drew isn't growing, why don't we just induce you. I thought that sounded like a great idea. That way, I could have everything planned with getting my mom to take care of Jacoby while I was at the hospital to getting ready to meet his baby brother. 
So, on a Tuesday, we went through the entire drill at the hospital, the monitors, what ever drugs they use to induce etc. All was going good. I knew from having Jacoby that the Epidural cocktail was my friend. So the anesthesiologist came in gave me my dose of wonderful and that's when things went a little off course. All of a sudden I got super hot, nauseous, and for about 1 minute which felt more like 10, I was fighting to keep myself from feeling like I wanted to close my eyes and go to sleep forever. The only thing that gave me the strength was that I didn't want Josh to worry about me, but my by this time Josh  could all ready tell that something wasn't right with me and he called for the nurse. Luckily the anesthesiologist was still in the room, shot something into my IV and instantly I was back to normal. It was one of the weirdest sensations I have ever felt! 
A little while later the doctor checked the monitor and the fetal heartbeart was lower than she liked. So she flipped me over on my side as a technique to get that back up. Well, what ever happened there, jarred something loose, because I tell you, Drew decided to come at that moment with me laying on my side! Have you ever heard of such a thing??? So about 2-3 pushes later, (Josh just commented 1 1/2 Drew Izik arrived. He was so little at 6 lb 4 oz and 21 inches long, but he was 100% perfect. I was so lucky to have another healthy baby boy!

Drew has been the perfect little addition to make our family complete.

This past Friday we celebrated his second birthday and it is so exciting to watch him transition from being a baby to a toddler. He is such a happy little boy, full of mischievous and giggles. He pushes his independence as far as any little toddler can. He has no fear of anything. He climbs, he jumps, he runs, he falls, gets back up and charges on again. Drew's imagination is hilarious as he pretends to order us Olive pizza, have pretend phone conversations and sends us, including his toys, to time out for hitting and pinching him. I have NO IDEA where he comes up with stuff but he thinks he is a riot and THE BOSS. He loves being scared, hiding behind corners to come out and and for us to chase him. He is just plain funny. 
The things Drew loves right now: Mickey Mouse, Bubble Guppies, drawing with markers and crayons, play-doh, washing his hands in the sink,  my cell phone (he has mastered the navigation on my smart phone to games and videos of himself), taking showers,  he loves the beach, going to the playground, playing in the sand, blowing bubbles firetrucks, his new vacuum cleaner, his books with trucks and tractors, and anything to keep up with Jacoby.
His eyes have always looked right through your soul

First birthday!

So handsome after his haircut!

Drew loves to color!

So silly!

2nd Birthday!

Drew continues to amaze me every day. I was so worried in the beginning that Drew was going to be pushed around by his older brother and cousins, but that worry is long gone. This kid can hold his own for sure. There is nothing that can stop him and what a wonderful quality to have!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Secret Subject Swap

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. Twenty brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else
and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously
divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

Here are links to all the sites now featuring Secret Subject Swap posts. Sit back, grab a cup, and
check them all out. See you there:

My subject is “Please tell me about 3 of your attributes you genuinely like – whether your
appearance, personality, character – anything about YOU!
It was submitted by: Simply Chic for You

Ok, so here it goes:

It's funny to think about things that you actually like about yourself. It's not often that you are really put on the spot to think about yourself in a way a positive manner for more than a brief second. For me those type of moments are very quick anyways. For instance, I may look in the mirror and think, huh, those jeans look pretty good on me, or my makeup came out pretty good, or wow, I just received a really nice compliment from my co-worker, so I must be doing something right :) As quick as those positive moments come though they leave. Now trust me, I am a confident person, and I generally like who I am, but to go there, in this spot to really think about great qualities I have, is just a little funny and well, interesting.

After some thought on this subject this is what I have finally concluded:

#1.My appearance: I like that I look like a combination of my mom and my dad pretty equally. I have my dad's dimple and there is only one and it is on the right side. I also like that my eyes are turning to be more green like my mom and every so often when I look in the mirror just right, I can see her pretty face staring back at mine.

#2. My personality: I am a layed back kind of girl. I don't stress to much, and I hardly ever get angry. I really believe that things happen for a reason and I just try to deal with situations in that moment as best as I can. I have noticed that co-workers and friends, and family always open up to me and I think it's because I really don't judge and I try to be a good listener (although with 2 kids now that is a little more difficult these days!)

#3. My gender (for the lack of a better term): I love being a girl or should I say woman now? I love everything that comes along with it from being a mom, to being a wife, to liking girly Pinterest stuff, to being able to dye my hair 10 different colors in one year and regretting half of them and making the same mistake the following year. I love clothes, and shoes and make up and being active. I love connecting with other women in my life whether it be my mom or sister or friends or women who I have met through blogging and being a Beach Body Coach.  I love being able to flirt with my husband and get a way with things that no guy ever could because I AM A WOMAN. I love the whole progression of being a girl from being catty with other girls to learning an appreciation for sisterhood. It's all a learning experience and I think it is 100% fun!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My TurboFire Over Hauliday Challenge

As many of you know, around 11 weeks ago, I became a Beach Body Coach and a TurboFire fanatic! I even shared my mighty bicep muscle growing! Pretty much since I have started the program I haven't been able to shut up about it and that is really why I decided to become a Beach Body Coach. Trust me, I am not an expert in fitness or nutrition, but what I am, is a self-described expert in sharing information! I looove to share information with people about my own experiences and of others (this is also another reason why I enjoy blogging so much!)
My point is, is I love being a Beach Body coach. Have I learned about nutrition? Yes! Have I learned about fitness? Yes! Do I have a support group of other coaches (as well as Beach Body Club Members) just like me who have the same fitness goals (as well as struggles) as I do? Yes! Do I have a new attitude toward my health? Yes! Am I motivated? Yes!
Now almost on a daily basis, I get asked about TurboFire and Shakeology.
So, I have decided, that there is no time better than the present than to start a fitness challenge! Why not have a plan of action on how to deal with the upcoming holidays and winter bulge??

I think it is really important to have a support network and I believe that is why these challenge groups are so successful. I am currently doing TurboFire alongside my co-worker and between talking to her and other Beach Body Members it has made a huge difference with me in sticking to the program, to keep pushing myself, and achieving my goals!
 If you are interested in joining the challenge or if you have any questions let me know. By the way, I know many of you all ready have TurboFire, you can still join the challenge group, you just need to order Shakeology! Also if you want to know about other programs like Insanity or P90x, Turbo Jam, etc. we can create a challenge group for that too!  You can either post a comment below or feel free to email me at

***The Deadline to sign up for the TurboFire Over Hauliday Challenge is November 5th. ***

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award

I never expected to find such a community among bloggers!

I am so lucky to have received another blog award. This one in particular, I find myself humbled to  receive because of the blogger that I received it from. You see, Jenn from My Daily Jenn-ism, gave me this award, and that means a lot because she was one of the first people that I connected with on the Cassandra's Corner facebook page. Jenn has amazing support for other bloggers and their pages and she does this Pay it Forward where she picks pages that she likes and tells her followers to go check it out. Well, I was one of her pay-it-forward recipients and from that I was able to first see how supportive and out-reaching this blogging community really is. So the fact that Jenn picked my blog to receive this award, is super special, because not only has she been with me from the very beginning but her blog, is absolutely wonderful as well. She can be funny and serious, and you can really relate. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Jenn! Please allow me to Pay it Forward to her now and go check her blog out! My Daily Jenn-ism
Now the name of this blog award is called, The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. How fitting is that??

The Sisterhood of World Bloggers:

1.  Thank the blogger who gave you the award.
Consider that done! Jenn, thank you, thank you! insert HUGE hug! 
2.  Post 7 things about yourself. 
Ok, here we go:
#1. I always, always have my toe nails painted. I don't believe I have ever gone 2 days in a row without toe nail polish on since I was like 10 years old.
#2. I have eczema and it sucks. Because of it, I HATE showing my hands!
#3. I have a sister, Stephanie who is 10 years older than me and a brother Izik, who is 6 years older than me. I love them both more than they probably even know. I forgive them for covering my eyes when I was little and telling me Santa was on t.v. I'm over it...really..
#4 My husband Josh and I have never been on a real vacation together. I can't wait for that to happen one day!
#5. My car is filthy. Like really disgusting on the inside. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I just can't keep it clean. I blame it on the kids, but truth be told, I think it would be a disaster without them...just less Cheeze-its and fruit snack wrappers.
#6. I hate cooking! I hate meal planning even more!
#7. Dear God, I once had to wear an eye patch for a summer when I was younger. Can you eye patch and eczema (plus asthma)?? Luckily I grew up in a small town, and kids had no choice but to be friends with me. I no longer have to wear glasses though and my vision is great, thank you very much!
3.  Pass this award on to 7 other deserving bloggers, letting them know that they have been chosen.  
4.   Include a logo of this award in your post.
Here are the deserving 7 that I am passing this blog award onto:
Baking in a Tornado
Crazy Mama
The Empowered Mama
Callia's Corner
Cup of Tea and a Blog
From Thick to Thin
Life of Bon

Enjoy! xx

Monday, October 15, 2012

Guilt-Free Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

First of all, let me be perfectly clear that this is not a blog that will be posting many recipes, because one, I really don't care for cooking. I pin more recipes than I will ever make in my life and I do that for my family, definetly not myself. If I were single I would probably be living off of cereal, salads, and veggie burgers. I have a house of 3 boys though and even though 2 of them are under the age of 5, they all ready have appetites of teenagers! So, to keep them full and happy, I found a recipe on Pinterest for Pumpkin Oatmeal cookies, and I thought they sounded pretty delicious! Plus the recipe said high in fiber and protein and since I'm working out and trying to get in shape, I thought this could be a cookie that I could have one or two of without feeling too guilty!
The recipe I found is actually from the blog, Handmade by Hilani
I stepped out of my baking box on this one because it calls for wheat flour. Any other time, I would have been like, "Oh, puh-lease! Can't we just use regular flour??" "What do I need to go and by some Birkenstocks too to bake these and burn my bra??"
I know, silly to have such an attitude about wheat flour. I am a girl who is usually open to new options though, so I went ahead and bought some, with feet in heels and bra still on!
Here is the recipe as posted by Handmade by Hilani

Guilt Free Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies - High Fiber & Protein

 Guilt-Free Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies {High Fiber & Protein}

Preheat Oven to: 
350 degrees

1 Stick of Butter (1/2 cup)
1 cup of Brown Sugar
1/2 cup of White Sugar
1 cup of Pureed Pumpkin
2 eggs, room temp
1 teaspoon of Vanilla (I pour heavy)
2 cups of Whole Wheat Flour
1 teaspoon of baking soda
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon of Nutmeg
2-3 cups of Quick Oats (Bob's Red Mill)

Mix together dry ingredients (minus oats)
Beat Butter, sugars until creamy
Add Pumpkin, eggs and vanilla (scrap sides)
Add dry mixture to wet
Add Oats 1 cup at a time, should appear very sticky

Bake for 10-14 minutes. Top of cookies should be hard to the touch but soft when pressed.

Close all the windows before baking these because you want to 
preserve the wonderful smell!

Nutritional Facts:  When Whole Wheat Flour and Oats are used, you gain extra Protein and Fiber that's not found in white flour alone.  Consider also adding Flaxseed and you'll gain much, much more. :D
After I had the first batch baking in the oven, my husband thought it would be a great idea to add some M&M's to them (we didn't have any chocolate chips in the house) and some raisins. Jacoby of course who was my little helper in the whole process thought this was a great idea obviously!

The cookies really did come out delicious and they are super soft, almost a quick-bread like quality to them and it was a wonderful Fall treat! 

Try it out! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I love, love, love Pinterest! So I'm happy to be linking up with The Vintage Apple this Wednesday with the "Oh How Pinteresting" theme!
Here are some of the things I'm in love with this Fall that I found to be so Pinteresting!
Dress up Fall plaid
I love everything about this Fall outfit!  The plaid, the boots, the colors! I wish I had it in my
Legend Too Tall Boots
These boots??? Yes please!

boot socks! Loving this style right now.
Adorable boot socks!

these look comfy for the fall :)
Snuggly Slippers!

Perhaps a lovely new Fall hair color for me!!

running in the fall
Going for a run in the fall. The weather is cooler and the scene is beautiful!

Boil orange peels with a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon on Medium heat to make your house smell fabulous.
 I haven't tried this yet, but I plan on it. I can just imagine how cozy and wonderful it would make your home smell!  Plus it is so simple! Boil orange peels with a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon on Medium heat to make your house smell fabulous.
Fall decorations/ Pumpkin family
I always say, Who Wouldn't Love a Pumkin Family??
Spiderman jack-o-lantern!
A Spiderman Pumpkin because I know my Jacoby would think this would be the most awesome pumpkin ever!
Fall in the Country is the best. So beautiful and simple!
Finally, Fall is always a time to remind us all that we have so much to be Thankful for...our family , friends, health, our jobs, etc. I am thankful for it all!

These are just some of the things that I have been pinning over the past month or so! Please feel free to follow me on Pinterest at Cassandra's Corner and leave your Pinterest info and I will follow you!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I am...

There is a writing prompt going around the blogging world tonight from You Know it Happens at Your House Too. This is actually the first writing challenge I've ever participated in and let me tell you, I am happy to have stumbled across it so that I can ignore the debate that has taken over the tv right now (my Political Science professors would cringe if they heard me say such a thing!)
So here we go, challenge accepted!
Here are the rules:

"Set a timer for five minutes and write.  Write using the prompt I AM ______________________. Don't edit, don't proofread, don't change it.  You are not required to share it with anyone, even though I hope you do, but keep it close by so that on those days when you are feeling really horrible about yourself (we all know that we have those days), you can look back and remember all the things that make you wonderful." 

I am Jenny, not Jennifer (well, I guess technically Jennifer) or Jen.  I'm not even
I am a mom and a loving mom. I am a mom that worries if my kid knows how much I love them and that I give them enough of my attention.
I am a wife to Josh, my husband of 5 years but we have actually been together since October of 2001.
I am obsessed with Pinterest, facebook, google + this whole social media world. I can't get enough of it!
I am happy with a cup of coffee with skim milk and 2 sugars.
I am happy that I have now put fitness into my life and becoming a Beach Body Coach.
I am happy if I can actually motivate people to be more positive!
I am happy if I can help people be healthier.
I am wanting to get more out of life, to matter, and to make a difference somehow.
I am a girl, independent, strong willed, slightly funny. 
I am a girl who doesn't want to allow barriers to get in my way of achieving what I want and am just figuring out how to do that.
I am looking for more.
I am so happy to

My husband said time was up so I had to cross out last 2! 
This challenge was actually harder than I expected. I have always felt confident that I know who I am, but what is funny to me is the things that I missed that are important to me, like the fact that I am a sister, and I am happiest with my family, I am happy to be with my friends, etc. Funny where your mind goes!

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Lovely Fall Liebster Blog Award

Oh, what a happy, morning! It's pretty peaceful in my house right now, albeit around 5:45 in the morning, but all three boys of the house are sleeping and I'm enjoying some quiet time, sipping on some Pumpkin Spice coffee (just one more reason to love fall) before my work day starts. Usually my mornings start out working out but this morning is a little different because I spent most of the night in the ER with Josh (he has some swollen lymph nodes that are wreaking havoc on his body, so the doctor are not so sure about that explanation). Anywho, all the jumping and thumping around from TurboFire is going to have to wait until later tonight as I don't want to wake him.

It's all good, because now I get to share that I have received my 4th, 5th blog award. I have yet again received the coveted Liebster Award. The Liebster Award was the first blogger award I had ever received and I was sooo excited  as you can look back here: I'm Blushing: My First Blog Award!
Then I received the Liebster Award for a second time, but felt as though since I was just awarded it, there was someone else more deserving than I. But wouldn't you know it, this lovely award has plopped right back in my hands again from my good blogger friend at All For My Boy.
I love getting awards because it reminds me that one, I really need to put effort into posting more often. I mean, it really is what I love doing buy finding the time is so hard to do sometimes! Second, it also reminds me, how great and supportive the whole blogging community is. When I got started I just wanted to share what I thought was cool on Pinterest, but then I saw what other people were writing about and I was like, holy crap, these people are really good and they are really putting themselves out there! They are funny, creative, smart, and over all amazing! I thought to myself, I want to do that too! So my blog is really still a work in progress and I imagine that's what blogs always are. So, I'm continuing to find my own voice and to work on putting myself out there, but not to get too serious about things at the same time.  All that being said, thank you so much All For My Boy, for your continued support of my blog, my facebook page and for joining me on our journey to living a healthier lifestyle. I have truly enjoyed getting to know you!
So getting down to business:
How the Liebster Blog Award Works:

1.  Thank the Liebster Award presenter in your blog.
2.  Link back to the blogger who presented it to you.
3.  Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4.  Present the award to 5 blogs that deserve to be noticed.
5.  Let them know they have been presented with the Liebster Award by commenting on their blog/FB page.
6. Grab your pencil, and pave your own way in the blogging world.
7. Eat a big ole helping of something healthy, cause let’s face it – our health is more important than we give it credit for.

Here are the recipients I am passing this blog award onto. I hope you will pay these blogs a visit and enjoy them as much as I do!
1.)Savvy Suburban2.)Mad Mummas Sweet Randoms
3.) Martinis and Minivans
4.)Because Everything Counts
5). Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby

Enjoy! xoxoxo