Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My TurboFire Over Hauliday Challenge

As many of you know, around 11 weeks ago, I became a Beach Body Coach and a TurboFire fanatic! I even shared my mighty bicep muscle growing! Pretty much since I have started the program I haven't been able to shut up about it and that is really why I decided to become a Beach Body Coach. Trust me, I am not an expert in fitness or nutrition, but what I am, is a self-described expert in sharing information! I looove to share information with people about my own experiences and of others (this is also another reason why I enjoy blogging so much!)
My point is, is I love being a Beach Body coach. Have I learned about nutrition? Yes! Have I learned about fitness? Yes! Do I have a support group of other coaches (as well as Beach Body Club Members) just like me who have the same fitness goals (as well as struggles) as I do? Yes! Do I have a new attitude toward my health? Yes! Am I motivated? Yes!
Now almost on a daily basis, I get asked about TurboFire and Shakeology.
So, I have decided, that there is no time better than the present than to start a fitness challenge! Why not have a plan of action on how to deal with the upcoming holidays and winter bulge??

I think it is really important to have a support network and I believe that is why these challenge groups are so successful. I am currently doing TurboFire alongside my co-worker and between talking to her and other Beach Body Members it has made a huge difference with me in sticking to the program, to keep pushing myself, and achieving my goals!
 If you are interested in joining the challenge or if you have any questions let me know. By the way, I know many of you all ready have TurboFire, you can still join the challenge group, you just need to order Shakeology! Also if you want to know about other programs like Insanity or P90x, Turbo Jam, etc. we can create a challenge group for that too!  You can either post a comment below or feel free to email me at tinybutterfly22@gmail.com

***The Deadline to sign up for the TurboFire Over Hauliday Challenge is November 5th. ***


  1. Found you on the mommy brain mixer this week! Following and commenting from http://fluffimama.blogspot.com/
    I hope you'll come check me out and do the same. Thanks <3

  2. Your enthusiasm for getting people fit is amazing. I look forward to reading your progress on this challenge. Keep inspiring and being a great spokesperson for health.
    Thank you for linking up to the Empowered Living hop, stay tuned I will be making a few changes this coming week. Hope to see you again.

  3. I love your blog! I'm Vickilicious from http://thegreekhousewife.blogspot.gr/ and I'm following you back!

  4. I love this.....can't even tell you how much. I just sent you an email about a proposal for your class. Go girl!!!



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