Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I am...

There is a writing prompt going around the blogging world tonight from You Know it Happens at Your House Too. This is actually the first writing challenge I've ever participated in and let me tell you, I am happy to have stumbled across it so that I can ignore the debate that has taken over the tv right now (my Political Science professors would cringe if they heard me say such a thing!)
So here we go, challenge accepted!
Here are the rules:

"Set a timer for five minutes and write.  Write using the prompt I AM ______________________. Don't edit, don't proofread, don't change it.  You are not required to share it with anyone, even though I hope you do, but keep it close by so that on those days when you are feeling really horrible about yourself (we all know that we have those days), you can look back and remember all the things that make you wonderful." 

I am Jenny, not Jennifer (well, I guess technically Jennifer) or Jen.  I'm not even
I am a mom and a loving mom. I am a mom that worries if my kid knows how much I love them and that I give them enough of my attention.
I am a wife to Josh, my husband of 5 years but we have actually been together since October of 2001.
I am obsessed with Pinterest, facebook, google + this whole social media world. I can't get enough of it!
I am happy with a cup of coffee with skim milk and 2 sugars.
I am happy that I have now put fitness into my life and becoming a Beach Body Coach.
I am happy if I can actually motivate people to be more positive!
I am happy if I can help people be healthier.
I am wanting to get more out of life, to matter, and to make a difference somehow.
I am a girl, independent, strong willed, slightly funny. 
I am a girl who doesn't want to allow barriers to get in my way of achieving what I want and am just figuring out how to do that.
I am looking for more.
I am so happy to

My husband said time was up so I had to cross out last 2! 
This challenge was actually harder than I expected. I have always felt confident that I know who I am, but what is funny to me is the things that I missed that are important to me, like the fact that I am a sister, and I am happiest with my family, I am happy to be with my friends, etc. Funny where your mind goes!


  1. This is a fun prompt! You seem like such a genuine person by the way, that's nice in this day and age. :)

    1. Oh, my gosh, you are so stinking sweet! Thank you:)

  2. Interesting challenge and cool responses. I am following you now and would love for you to follow back.

    1. Thank you! It's kind of shocking what you end up kind of surprise yourself. I look forward to checking out your blog!

  3. I did the five minute challenge one Friday so far. I MAY do it again tomorrow. :) Love what you did. :)

  4. What a great challenge! Its a great way to get to know a blogger. Thank you for sharing!


  5. Love this idea. I'm going to go it tonight and see what I come up with in 5 minutes. First thing that pops in my head as I type this is...I am me.
    Thank you for all your love and looking forward to reading more of your TurboFire journey.

    1. Oh, good! I can't wait to see what you come up with! It was such a fun little challenge, that I think I will try to do every once in a while! I appreciate your support as well :)

  6. What a great prompt to motivate and to keep you focused on who you are and what you want out of life.

  7. This was great. I think this kind of writing prompt can help you many times when you get stuck in life. Its one of those things you can pull out to remind yourself about what it is that is important to you.



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