Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lucky, Lucky, Me! An Award!!

Yes, right now I am doing a happy dance, want to know why? BECAUSE, I have been given an award by WTF am I thinking?  The Sunshine Award! Doesn't that just scream, awesomeness?! So sending out a huge, huge thanks to WTF am I thinking? It was such a nice surprise this morning to find out about this!
So as with most awards, comes with some rules. Here they are:
  1. Include this award log in either your acceptance post or somewhere in your acceptance.
  2. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  3. Pass the award onto 10-12 deserving bloggers.
  4. Add a link on your post to all the talented winners and comment on their page to let them know they've deemed amazing.
  5. Thank the brilliant soul that recognized your talent and bestowed this wonderful award on you...and of course link back to them as well!
Ok, so let's get down to it and have a little bit of Q&A time!
1.) What would you most like to change about yourself? Physically my thighs, personally I wish I had passion for a specific career path.
2.) What is your theme song? This question actually depressed me, because after an hour of searching on You Tube for a song that really describes, me, I've come to the realization that I've been stumped and can't find one. So for the time being and for lack of a better song, we are going with Lady Gaga, Just Dance just because it makes me happy.
3.) One part of your life (memory, action, etc) that you wish you could surgically remove? Boy! These questions are hard tonight!! I don't really have anything that I'd like to remove (thankfully, I've led a pretty stable, supportive and tragic-free life), plus I believe everything happens for some sort of reason. For instance, I had miscarriage that was completely devastating, but if it didn't happen than maybe I wouldn't have Jacoby..
4.) What generation do you wish you had been apart of? Eek! Here is going to show my lack of History knowledge, so I'm going to go with the generation of the Pin-up girl.  What decade would that be?? 1940's?? I don't know, but they are super cute and sexy!

5.) What was your favorite childhood toy? I had a little baby named Sherri baby and I brought her everywhere!!
6.) What is your favorite house cleaning chore?  Vacuuming, I do it nearly every day. I think things look 10 times cleaner after a room has been vacuumed. Plus my boys love it and chase me around with swords while I'm doing it.
7.) Do you twitter? I do! I don't know anything about Klout or nearly enough about the @ and # symbols and I'm sure I use them inappropriately but I do love Twitter.  Feel free to follow me!
8.) Any goals? Where do I start? To be more physically fit, to be a good mom and wife, buy a new house, make more money, find a babysitter other than family, get more tattoos, and to have more fun!
9.) Do you drink Margaritas all the time?  Um, no. I like my Tequila in shot form.  I'm also a gin and tonic kind of girl with a splash of cranberry.  

10.) What is the ugliest car you have ever driven and were embarrassed to be seen in? My first car was a gold hatch-back Mercury Tracer.  It was nick-named the Gerbil.

Ok, now onto passing this lovely award to some very deserving blogs! Please visit them, you won't be disappointed!
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Enjoy!! and thanks again to WTF am I Thinking?


  1. wow! Thank you so much for this honor!!

  2. What a nice surprise!! Thank you! I'm going to be travelling today to attend a wedding tomorrow but I will be delighted to take part in this as soon as I can (probably a day or two).
    Thanks again!! :) xo
    Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

    1. Super, super welcome! I enjoy your blog and everything you post on Pinterest so much!!

  3. Hey lovely! Thanks for visiting my bloggy! You are so so sweet!!

  4. Thanks for nominating me! Do I answer the same questions you did?

    1. You are welcome and yes you do answer the same questions..I look forward to reading your answers!

  5. Cool blog~~New follower - from Mom's Mingle Hop - hope to get a follow back!

  6. Congrats girl! Your blog is very deserving of it!

  7. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. You can find it here:

    1. Thanks Jaime for thinking about me..I have received this lovely blog before..perhaps there is another blog that you could pass it onto??

  8. I finally was able to do my part! Thanks again!
    See it here xo


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