Thursday, May 10, 2012

Welcome to Cassandra's Corner

Welcome to Cassandra's Corner! Here are some of my obsessions: Being a mom to  my boys, age 3 and 1 and a wife to my husband of 5 years, wedge shoes, finding the perfect jeans, jewelry, tattoos, make-up and mastering the cat-eye, plus I'm always looking for the perfect hairstyle or hair color. I have a bit of a hair-crush on Jennifer Aniston, but doesn't everyone?? I'm driven by coffee and can't function without it!  I love to read, although with two little ones, my reading consists 10 page books with more pictures than there are words. My guilty pleasures include obsessively pinning on Pinterest, being a make-believe designer on Polyvore, and watching General Hospital or the Kardashians (actually anything on the E! Channel will do). I love fitness and nutrition; however, I'm better at pinning pictures about it rather than applying it to my own life! There are so many great things in life that are too awesome not to share (even if it is just finding the best mascara) here I am, sharing with you and trying to make my life a little more fabulous one day at a time.

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