Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Confession of a Dad

Last night my husband, Josh, confessed to me that he can't hear the song, "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart without getting a little teary-eyed.  He asked me if I was familiar with the song, which I was but I didn't know all the words to the song.  Josh then pulled it up on YouTube for me and said that I had to really listen to the words and that he may need to leave the room for fear of getting weepy. Josh said the song reminded him of our son, Jacoby, and that is why it has such an effect on him. Well, I didn't even need to hear the song...just knowing that my husband gets emotional over a song because it reminds him of our son, makes my eyes well-up with tears by itself.  Anyways, I listened to the song and tears ran down my face as I concentrated on the words.  It is a perfect match for Jacoby and Josh, and even as I write this, strings tug at my heart and I get a little emotional.  It's just so sweet.

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