Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trademarking Your Baby's Name

Picking out baby named is such a fun time for new parents.  Is the name going to be a family name? Be named after a bestfriend, character in a book or a movie, a sports figure? Will the named be made fun of because of the words that it rhymes with ("Fat Pat," "Sexy Lexi," "Lucy Goosie"). Well, parents are even worrying about even more things now when it comes to naming their babies. Now some are concerned whether or not their babies name is already spoken for via Twitter or Facebook. Parents are registering these accounts for their baby before they even enter into the world so that they can have a spot in this social media world. I think it is crazy. So what if your little Annabelle-Jane's name already exists as a Twitter domain. Will Twitter even exist in 20 years? Name your baby because you love the name and know it is the only right name for your baby. Put your energy in love, little baby feet, and baby smiles.
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