Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Versatile Blog Award...Really?? How Fabulous!

On my first day of vacation last week, I was checking out the comments on my blog and to my sweet, sweet surprise, I found out that I was awarded yet another Blog Award! I think I need to dedicate an award wall in my home so I can look at them fondly every day. This is my 3rd blog award I have received and each one puts a big smile on my face.

 Now, who do I have to thank for this wonderful award called, The Versatile Blogger (who cool is to be versatile by the way??)??  4writermom! visited my blog and gave this to me!! Thank you, thank you thank you! This is a little snippet from her bio:   My name is Mariann. Most everyone calls me, Mari.  I have four children, and I’m happily unmarried. I’m as unconventional and politically incorrect, as the next truly free person.  I like to do things my way. I don’t do too well with rules and conforming to how other people think that I should live.  The way I see it, we only get this one life and we better make the best of it! With that being said, that’s exactly how I raise my children….to make the best of their lives. Whatever it takes to get to happy, then that’s what I expect for them to do.
I highly suggest you go and follow her blog! 4WriterMom 
Here’s more information about the Versatile Blogger Award
If you get the award, here are the rules:
  1. Thank the person that gave you the award in a blog post & link back to their blog
  2. Pass the award on to 10-15 bloggers you follow
  3. Include 7 random things about yourself in your post
  4. Include the rules in your post
  5. Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog
Ok, here we go! 7 Random Things About Myself:  
1). I have 5 tattoos (yes, one is a tramp stamp from when I was 18 and I still love it). I am currently working on an arm sleeve.
2).  I can no longer remember song lyrics for current songs. I can however, remember most lyrics from songs I listened to as a kid.
3). I always thought my eyes were blue. Apparently they are green, according to my husband.
4.)  My feet haven't grown since I was in the 6th grade. I wear a size 6, which is great, because I like my heels to be atleast 4 inches high and shoes are always cuter in the smaller sizes. 
5.) My boys think I toot all night long in my sleep and they don't want to sleep with me because of it.  (Another lesson from father to sons..picking on mom)  
6.) I had my gallbladder removed in 2011, thanks to some very delicious,  greasy New Year's Eve Pizza that put my body over the edge.
7.) My husband and I have been at the same events at the same exact time, including parties and a funeral, but we never met until I was 21 and he was 23.  I knew we were going to be married after 1 month of knowing each other.

Now onto the blogs that I will be passing the Versatile Blogger Award onto! Please pay them a visit!
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  1. Congrats on this girl! Come over an check out my new shop or giveaway if you'd like (over 30 items) if you already haven't!

    Hope to see you there!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  2. Congrats Jenny! And thanks! Wow, this is my first blogging award ever! I love tattoos but right now only have two. I would love to get some more though.

    1. You are sooo welcome! You have a great blog! Tattoos are soooo addicting!!

  3. Thank you for this. I appreciate it! Such an honor ;)

    I hope you can add your Twitter link in my link up here:


    1. Hey Jen, from one Jen (my real name by the way!) to another you are very deserving of this blog. I'm off to check out your twitter link up!

  4. hey, congratulations!! Off to visit those links!

    1. Thanks! Let me know if you find one you particularly like :)

  5. Wow!! Thanks so much, I'll work on my end, passing it along etc tonight! :-D

  6. I am guilty of having a tramp stamp as well from when I was 18, haha!

  7. Very cool - congrats! Stopping by from the Mingle :) Hope you can visit http://www.mommysbundle.com!

  8. Congratulations! Awards are so fun! Thank you for following me! Love that you have 2 names! One month with you and your hubby..hey when you know you know right. Love the humpty dumpty and spider man face photos. I wish we had somewhere like that!

    I am @ http://www.onecreativeprocrastinatinggal.blogspot.com

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