Sunday, August 19, 2012

Finally, Not The Griswald's Family Vacation!

Last Sunday was the last day of what was a really, really great vacation. In the past our vacations have been cursed with our kids being crazy sick, so any type of fun was replaced with doctor calls/appointments, high fevers, lack of sleep, and worry and disappointment. As a joke gift for Christmas one year, a family member even gave us a plaque to hang above our door that said "The Griswalds."  Well, move on out to someone else's house Griswald's because the Bardsley Family is back in action!
We just stayed home this vacation and tried to come up with different things to do nearly every day. We went to a Pig Roast, Maine's Children's Museum, took Jacoby to Storyland, visited family, had date night and my brother came home to visit from Chicago!!  

Here are some of the highlights!

We went to Maine's Children's Museum with some of our closest friends, Michael, and Kara, their son Jack and their new born baby girl, Lucy.  Its always great to get together with them and watch our kids play together.  Jacoby wanted to try everything. He even climbed a rock wall all by himself.  It's also fun to see Drew start to enjoy these types of children's places.  He loved climbing on things, pretending to drive cars, and playing with a waterfall.  

Jacoby and His Buddy Jack Driving the Firetruck

The Boys Grocery Shopping of Course

My Little Fireman
Drew Having a Blast Climbing!

Storyland! Storyland was a ton of fun. We had to leave Drew home with his Mima because he just isn't quite old enough for Storyland yet.  Jacoby loved every part of the day. His favorite rides were the Roller Coaster and the Log Flume, which of course were the highest and fastest! I think Josh's heart may still be beating out of his chest from it! (He did great too for his first time on rides..haha).

Jacoby and Josh Riding the Balloons

Jacoby and I Meet Humpty Dumpty


Big Bad Wolf!

Family Time to Celebrate Izik and Matt home from Chicago! We had a blast and I miss them sooo much!
My Sister and I and Our Loves

That's Right, My Brother and I Are Having Fun Disco Style!

Me and Josh! xx

My great to Have Izik and Matt Home!!


  1. It looks like a great vacation!

  2. Gotta love the disco picture!!

    1. The whole night was so much fun! It's not very often that I get a night out with my siblings!

  3. awesome pics!!! The kids look like the had a fantastic time!

    1. Thanks! We all had so much fun together!

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    3. Cool, thanks! Going on over to link up!

  4. Looks so fun! Following you back girly!!!!

  5. Your sister and you are so cute and omg, the 4 of you all look like you are all supposed to be family....Awesome. Loved the Storyland photos.

    Take care.


    1. Hi! Thanks so time of my life is with my family!!

  6. how fun! I'm now a new follower as well! Thank you for stopping by today and can't wait to see you take on Insanity, you'll never regret a workout! Have a wonderful night!


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